What If…

YES!!! Marvel Studios, you certainly have a hit with this one.  I loved every episode.  And for this blog entry I am going to talk about what I liked and how I feel about this show.  I will try to not spoil it but that will be difficult since I am about to nerd out on yall.  So lets get into it.

I believe we exist in a multiverse of universes

Michio Kaku

You can't talk about this show if you don't talk about the multiverse.  Specifically, the Marvel multiverse.  The Marvel multiverse is now wide open.  With the show WandaVision and Loki, Marvel has opened the door to the multiverse for future projects to come.  It is a very exciting time to be a Marvel fan.  The multiverse is HUGE!  Literally infinite possibilities.  The show What If explores those possibilities.  From Captain America not taking the super soldier serum, all the way to exploring the idea of what if Ultron won.  This show did a fantastic job of story telling a lot of different tales of the Marvel multiverse.  Some episodes were very dark with no happy ending, and some were fun and enjoyable to experience.  Hearing our favorite actors do the voice overs of their characters was also nice to see.  I specifically enjoyed the fact that Marvel left nothing on table for this.  They explored so much that it would crazy to not renew this show for a season 2.  But above all else what I loved the most was the animation.  The colors, the action, the fighting sequences, the acting, character development and above all else, the way the animation was presented on the screen was just amazing to experience.  In some episodes the animation would slow down to just show you the depth and detail in the art of the animation.  I enjoyed it all along with the musical score was just the cherry on top.  The show was perfect in so many ways.  I thought about blogging about each episode as they came out but I never got around to it.  So I think what I am going to do is wait for the new SpiderMan movie to come out and then after I see it, blog about it.  I can't wait.  What were your thoughts on this show?  Comment below.  And thanks for reading.

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