thoughts and experiences from an I.T. professional. here you will find some of my work, thoughts and personal and professional experiences. just here for fun

from my brain to yours..kinda

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i am not on facebook, instagram, myspace, or tik tok. you will only find me here on this site and on twitter. click for my twitter page. i am an OG on the tweets.

andy on linkedin

click here to go to linkedin profile. all information about my career is posted on the profile page linked here. enjoy.

andys blog

here is where i am blogging about my experiences in my personal life and in my career. some good reading here if you like to be entertained or if you like just reading in on me and what i am up to.

some of my favorite clouds…

I build things in the cloud

what are some examples of my work?

Over the years I have designed and architected some platforms at my previous employers. I have placed some of those designs with generic names and specifics in a portfolio. Check it out and contact me if you have any questions.

About Me

I am a Senior Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineer and Architect with a strong skillset and focus on AWS or Azure instances.

I currently reside in Riverside CA. Born and raised in Redlands CA.