self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 59

Wednesday, May 13th 2020: OH MY GOODNESS!! Where did the time go? Apologies for not posting lately. Gosh, I put so much effort and research into my last 3 or so posts that I decided to take a break but not this long! It seems like it was just the other day I posted butContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 59”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 46

Friday, May 1st 2020: Happy Friday everyone!  And for today’s blog I want to just jump right into it.  I am going to try to do one every Friday which leaves me to do a lot of research during the week and I will still blog but not daily like I was before given theContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 46”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 44

Wednesday, April 29th 2020 First off, I want to thank everyone for their feedback on my last few posts. Seems like the review from my perspective on the Golden Years of Hip Hop was well received. I am working on another series of reviews possibly. Not sure what it should be. So far what IContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 44”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 41

Sunday, April 26th 2020: Lazy Sunday is here. Awesome. I needed this downtime to recharge my batteries and unwind. No errands to run, nothing to really do but chill, take naps, and just not worry about anything. I slept in, I made a pretty big breakfast, took a nap after I cleaned up and thenContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 41”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 40

Helllooo Saturday! Okay first off I know what you are saying. What happened to days 38 and 39? Where did go Andy? Well, first off thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it. I welcome the love and it feels good. But give me a chance to explain. Thursday and Friday were some veryContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 40”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 38

Wednesday, April 23rd 2020: Are we having fun yet? NO. We are not. As the economy still seems to be tanking and as more Americans are loosing their jobs and filing for unemployment, I can’t help but think about the time back when I was laid off. I have been laid off twice and furloughedContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 38”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 37

Tuesday, April 21st 2020: Another day in the books in quarantine. Today just a lot of the same. Work, eat my sad meals, more work, go for a walk/run, talk to loved ones on the phone, eat a sad dinner, watch some TV, go to bed. Yep. That about sums it up. Exciting huh? WeContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 37”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 36

Monday, April 20th 2020: Work, work work. I have been working for 8 days straight now. I can feel the stress on my brain now. Will sleep help? Possibly. I actually plan on trying to go to sleep early tonight but it is hard to do that when…I am not sleepy. I will just haveContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 36”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 35

Sunday, April 19th 2020: Well another Sunday spent working for me. But that is okay. The work I did over the weekend is going to take some hand holding until probably Monday afternoon sometime. Just one of those things I just have to get through and see until the end. I feel good about it,Continue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 35”

self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 34

Saturday, April 18th 2020: Did everyone have a fun Saturday? Good. Did I? No. I had to work. For a job/project that I am working on, I ended up working from about 6pm Saturday to 4am Sunday. Sometimes things like this take a lot of hand holding and I had to do it right. ButContinue reading “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 34”