self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 59

Wednesday, May 13th 2020:

OH MY GOODNESS!! Where did the time go? Apologies for not posting lately. Gosh, I put so much effort and research into my last 3 or so posts that I decided to take a break but not this long! It seems like it was just the other day I posted but it has been 2 weeks! Good grief. Now what has been going on in those 2 weeks you might ask? Not a whole lot. Just working, staying busy, been researching for my next post and just taking things as they come. Still working which is good. The company I work for is continuing to do a great job keeping us employed during this pandemic. And with the announcement from the mayor of LA saying we just lost our entire summer, well that was a real dick punch right there. I am still trying to process what that really means for me. I say this because I live in Los Angeles, downtown to be exact. Understanding both sides of this debate is very important and a lot is on my mind about this so I think my next blogs will be about how I feel about all of this personally. Then I will revisit and post what I have been working on.

But for today I wanted to thank my friends over at the “Floodmen Podcast” for having me on as their guest. We had a great conversation about some technology topics, music, and my career. Great topics, good laughs, and if you miss the sound of my annoying voice, take a listen and enjoy it for yourself and please, subscribe to the podcast as their audience grows, their content is only going to get better. Feel free to comment here on what you thought of the podcast.

Stay safe out there.

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