self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 36

Monday, April 20th 2020:

Work, work work. I have been working for 8 days straight now. I can feel the stress on my brain now. Will sleep help? Possibly. I actually plan on trying to go to sleep early tonight but it is hard to do that when…I am not sleepy. I will just have to lay down and see what happens. So other than work, things are good. Getting my stuff done and trying to stay focused on other things and not get side tracked.

Here is something. Last week I thought of a few subjects to blog about. Topics included are things like my favorite music artists, favorite albums, favorite places to visit, favorite cities, remembering past events that were awesome, and possibly a few of my favorite films. I wanted to spend some time today to do some research on one of those topics and then blog about it tonight. But you know what? I am too tired. Honestly, all the hours I have been putting in has mentally exhausted me. And I really need a nice break from my computer and just drift away and relax. Tomorrow, I am going to start this and see if this range of topics can get me through this week. I think it might help.

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