self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 34

Friday, April 17th 2020:

Happy Friday to everyone. But wait a second, time out. Fridays are not like they used to be…right? Remember when you would get out of work on a Friday, and drive home? Remember that feeling of just satisfaction, an excitement as you drove home towards the weekend ahead of you. That feeling of accomplishment was so soothing, just put you in a good mood. And then you would throw on your favorite music and maybe it is the radio or some old 90’s song or something but when that beat dropped as you pulled out the parking lot…wow. No greater feeling. I miss that. Now Friday’s feel like how Tuesday felt. Especially for me because I have to work on the weekends sometimes, including this weekend. But it is okay. Still in quarantine, still isolated and still following the rules. I am seeing more of the anti-quarantine movement is picking up some press. I have spoken to a few friends about it, and now I am going to talk about it here. Prepare yourself.

Safety. That is the key word here. Safety. How can my job, or my local city government guarantee my safety? At a time like this, how? Let’s take a deep dive into this. Now, this virus is dangerous and it kills, but it doesn’t kill everyone that gets it. This isn’t a movie or anything where some hero doctor or scientist teamed up with The Rock is going to come and save us. We are on our own. Science is our best weapon. Medical science. It is good to have faith and believe in a higher power, but in all honesty, he is going to give us what we need to survive, but he isn’t going to come floating down from heaven to save us. Now with that said, why are we still doing this quarantine thing? That seems to be the hot argument right now. Why? Millions of people, good hard working people have lost their jobs, money, and probably businesses and homes. The damage is done. One side is arguing that we should reopen the economy, get back to work and normal, and if people get sick then so be it. It is not worth it anymore. The other side is saying, stay in your homes, don’t come out unless you have too, and if you do wear gloves, mask and social distance yourself. We are not out of this thing yet. There, those are the two sides to this. Valid points on both sides. And I am not going to write about each one of those points but let me talk about one of the key ones. The side that is saying to end the quarantine is saying that “we didn’t or don’t shut down the country when thousands of people are killed by automobile accidents, or the common flu. We shouldn’t do it for this virus!” Now this is not a good argument to make. This side is forgetting about the mortality rate of this COVAD virus. For example, if someone gets in a car accident and dies, automatically 5 people around them don’t die as well. Just the victim. If someone gets the flu and lets say they pass away, that doesn’t mean 5 more people are automatically killed as well. And if any of those 5 people came into contact with others, then 5 more die, and so on and so on. Well that is what COVAD does. So you can’t argue and say anything about automobile accidents or the common flu. None of that makes any sense. In fact this side is just making excuses to reasons they don’t fully understand. But the other side is saying to stay home, stay quarantined just a bit longer. Why? There are many reasons but for the sake of your time and my fingers typing, lets say the main reason is to buy time. Time. Time is a luxury we don’t have. We can’t buy more time, we can’t stop time, or even bend it or stretch it. Time is our main enemy here with this virus. As more time passes, the more sick pass away. So if we stay home, and follow the rules, then we are narrowing the math of how many more people can get this virus and get sick. If we keep doing this, then eventually time will allow us to see that the number of sick are fewer than last month. And next month will show even fewer. And so on, until the number is low enough to start dropping the quarantine and come out. But that doesn’t mean we are safe. We can still get sick but this time, we should all be practicing good hygiene and lowering our chances big time in actually catching this virus. But since less people will have it, then that chance is even lower. See how positive that can be? If last month you had a 80% chance, and this month you have a 40% chance, and then next month you will have less than 10% chance, then isn’t it worth it to do this? Yes it sucks, and yes lots of people are hurting because of it. But we can come back from this. We can recover. It will take time and the right leadership from our elected officials to help lead the way. It is possible. But we have to stick together on this. If more people jump off the ship too early, then they will drown. And we won’t be able to save them.

Think of it like this. You are running a marathon, which is about 26 miles. You have ran 20 miles. Why quit now? You are almost there! WE..are almost there. So close to crossing that finish line together. Don’t you want to see how good that is going to feel? Don’t you want to make sure that this was all worth it and we didn’t just do this for nothing? I mean…don’t you want to feel SAFE?

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