self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 33

Thursday, April 16th, 2020:

Another day in quarantine in the books. Let’s see, what did I do today. Work, more work, then after work I threw a pizza in the oven, after I ate that I watched some TV, then went to bed. Talk about a wild night right? Naw. I am actually okay with getting more rest. For the first time in a long time, I don’t feel so nocturnal. Why would I say that you may wonder. Well, I am cursed, cursed for life. You see when I was younger, I would live for the night. As a DJ I worked at many clubs, bars, and also would attend parties and events to either play my music or just to hang with the homies. But here is something you may not know. The life of a DJ, especially one who works in a nightclub, runs during the hours of 9pm to about 6am. That means if you are up during the day working at your regular job, then being up all night is going to be a struggle…unless you are young. Which I was then. So I could get up early, work all day, then go out and be out until 5am or so. And it wasn’t because of a party or something social. It was because I wanted to get paid! So most clubs back then in the late 90s would operate on cash only. DJ’s and anyone else was paid under the table. No advancement in money or anything. Mostly because the pay would be based on the attendance of the club that night. If it was dead, you would be lucky to get half of what you should be paid. If the club was packed, then most likely you would get the full payment. I would invite friends and people I knew to the clubs I played at and some would get in for free, some would have to pay. That would also affect my payment at the end of the night. But the club would close around 2 or 3. Us DJ’s would sit around and wait for the manager or the owner to finish his money count and then he would come out and hand us an envelope with our cash in it. If you weren’t there, most likely you wouldn’t get paid. Unless the manager was a good one, he would hold it for you. Especially if he wanted you to come back. But I wasn’t popular like that. I was expendable. If I wasn’t present then I wouldn’t get paid. And so my nights would be very long. I would get home around 6am and then I am up a few hours later getting ready for work. I would take naps in my car during my lunch break or after a few weeks of this schedule, I would need a day to just sleep in and rest. To recharge myself. This went on for years and years. And I guess my brain just got used to it. So now today, I can stay up all night, and still get up early and go to work. Even though I am not going out or anything, I am still in this pattern, in this state of mind, of literally being nocturnal.

This quarantine has begun to break that cycle from me. And I am okay with that. I am learning to embrace it and stick to a good sleep/work schedule. My hope is that I can make this last once this quarantine is lifted. But when will that be…right? I have lots of thoughts about this and I think I will blog about them tomorrow or Sunday.

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