self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 31

Tuesday, April 14th 2020:

I can’t believe this month is just about half way over. And since the virus pandemic is still red hot all over the country, I would have to guess that we are going to be quarantined in our homes at least now until the end of May. Possibly June. And I really hope that the media and other journalists start to find reason to write stories about the more positive side of this, instead of the dark political side of it all. For example, in America, over 6 million people have lost their jobs because of this pandemic. Restaurant servers, cooks, bartenders, staff that work in bars and places that gather lots of people like casinos, amusement parks, concerts, etc., all of these people are now unemployed. Their jobs are not considered essential. Which sounds like a bad thing, but it could be a lot worse. What our leaders and government should be doing is helping these people out to find work, work in sectors that need help. This is a time that we all need to help each other, not point fingers and fight. Let the politicians do that. That is what they love to do. They protect themselves and their friends more than anything. Those pockets of theirs are more important than you and I. But we don’t need them. We don’t need them to tell us what to do, and how to do it. We can figure this out on our own. Help each other. Reach out to others, ask them if they are okay. Do they need anything. Is there anything you can do. Now you don’t need to ask everyone you know this, but if everyone ask someone, just one, then that is a good start and would make a huge difference. Helping out others is what humans are good at. We can help out by bringing someone food or something they need. Getting them meds if they need it. Or just listening to them. The stress of this whole pandemic is creating a mental health issue for many people and we aren’t doing much about it right now. The stress on someone when they loose their job is enormous. Trust me, I know. Living on a limited income cane really run your hopes and dreams down into the ground. It can be extremely difficult a lot of the time. But having someone to talk to is a huge help. That helps with the mental health issue.

But see there is a lot of good people in this world. Many of them are not in government. Humans can change, we can all come together and help. Let’s ride this thing out together. Helping each other, guiding and picking up each other along the way. Being there for someone, just to tell them it will be okay and that we all will get through this. Letting someone know they are not alone. They are not going to have to do this alone. Those words a huge help to anyone during times like this. Your faith can help guide as well, but this is not time to press issues like that on someone who needs help. For that we just need to listen, help out, and keep moving on. I pray for us all….praying for not just a better tomorrow, but praying for myself so that I may have the courage, strength and heart to help my fellow man out. Just like I was helped during my darkest times. I hope what I can do will be good enough.

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