self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 30

Monday, April 13th 2020:

Well, here we are at the 30 day mark. Where did the time go? I must say the last 30 days has been a blur, and moved by extremely fast. That is also 4 solid weeks in isolation. What effect has it had on me? Have I changed? Do I feel, or should I feel different? You know to be honest, the only thing I feel like I really accomplished indirectly, is that I have lost weight. Not a lot, but enough that even I can tell. I am also eating better. I am not drinking soda anymore, not one drop in the last 30 days. And my 2 mile run times have improved…just a little bit. Anyways…today was a very busy day for work. Lots to do, and not a whole lot of time to get it all done in. I put a nice dent in the work I need to do but tomorrow is going to be just as busy I suspect. After work was done I went for a nice run, then home for dinner and a movie. Nothing special today. Just kept it simple.

I did manage to work more on my book. I started a section in my notes titled “good nights” and “bad nights”. Much is the life of a DJ, you will have some good and some bad nights. Not like bad in the sense that people get hurt, but in the sense of things just didn’t work out as planned. And then there are the good nights, the ones that made memories to last a life time. I am really going to enjoy writing about those nights. You probably had some of those when you were younger. You know when nothing feels wrong, and it all feels just about right. Like your outfit is feeling good, your hair is spot on, your friends are all out with you, nobody is beefing, nothing but love when you get to the event, you feel all eyes on you kind of feeling. Girls are stepping to you to say hello, and even the fellas are giving you the respect and acknowledgement you have earned by giving you a pound or handshake turned bro hug type of deal. Everything is just lining up for a great night. And when the night is over and you are with your crew, you’re best friends, you look back and reflect on the night knowing that this was a good one, and we will remember it forever. Yes, those types of nights I am looking forward to writing in detail about. I must say, I had plenty of both…good and bad. My full time job back then sustained me and financed me to have the lifestyle I had chosen. But when there were good nights, never did I once think about my job, my money or bills, nothing that seems to fog up my vision today. None of that stuff mattered. We were so young and free, open minded without a care in the world. Nothing could stop us. Nobody could tell us we were doing wrong. It was a great time to be alive, to be where we were. I almost feel bad for other generations that didn’t have the opportunities like we did back then. I am sure that they made the best of what they had, but from what I can tell and from what I have been told, most of them wish they grew up in my era. And I don’t blame them. For example, we didn’t have social media. We didn’t have the technology to have a device in our hand that could not only record our day to day with pictures and videos, but we had no means to share them. When we went out to a club or party, only thing you brought inside was your ID, some cash, a pen and some scratch paper. That’s it! That is all you needed. Never did we have any urge to record or document what we were doing. I think that holds you back honestly. I think that when a camera turns on people take on a different personality. They are either shy and back away from the camera, or they start acting like someone they are not. It is rare to find someone who is the same on and off the camera in the social media spotlight. So if you remove that element, that enables people to just be themselves. Enables them to have fun, be free, and enjoy the night because there may not be many more like it. The stories I can tell and share are going to be so unique and nice breath of fresh air. I am so glad I started this project. Who knows, I might be here for another 30 days. And if so I hope to have at least the opening chapters done. We will see.

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