self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 28

Saturday, April 11th 2020:

The day before Easter. I could not sleep in today so I was up early getting ready because I had some stuff I wanted to do today. I wanted to go to the store again, pick up a few things and just relax and take it easy today. The store was pretty busy but I got what I needed and was back home by 4pm. I spoke to a friend of mine today, and we talked about how each others quarantine is going. Then we got into how it is pretty lonely being quarantines alone. After the conversation I was kinda sad, well to put it bluntly, I was sad. I began to think about the things I missed. And I am not talking about eating at a restaurant or anything, but something like physical contact with another person, any person. A hug or a kiss. Or even a compliment of like “nice to see you today” or “thank you, you are great”. I don’t get many compliments but I do miss those. Then the thought of tomorrow’s holiday came up in my head and I began to think about how much I am going to miss my family for Easter. Back in 2008 to about 2010, I moved to the east coast. By myself, I was living and working over there with no intentions of moving back to California. Now living alone and living far away meant that some holidays are going to spent alone. I tried to spend Christmas and the 4th of July with my family so I would plan a trip to come travel to California during those times. But holidays like Easter, I could never come and visit. So it became one of those holidays that I had to sacrifice in order to live this new life I had chosen to live. I would get pictures from my sister or friends showing me that they all got together or something, and yes it would make me sad but I could handle it. Looks like I am going to have to do that again. What I would normally do is head to my fathers house during the early afternoon, and after spending time with him, my family would have a get together potluck around 1 or 2pm. We would all eat and just be together for the holiday. I would usually head out when the sun went down because I would have work the next day. All that is nonexistent tomorrow due to this lockdown. But I can make it and it should be okay…hopefully.

What did I do with my Saturday night? Just made some dinner, watched the movie Prometheus (seen it more than a few times before) and then I went straight to start working on my book. I had some more ideas I needed to put in my list of story and character ideas. And then I started writing the beginning parts of the actual end. I also took some of that and made a note of how the beginning of the story will start. Tomorrow I might start writing that as well. As I was writing more ideas started coming out of my head and I was trying to write them down as well focus on the section I had begun to pen in. It seemed to flow, it seems to work. Who knows, I am not a writer to say so. I need to think about sharing this idea with someone to get a pulse check to see if this crazy to do or not. Maybe I am wrong about this. Who would I pick? Someone who reads a lot of books? Someone I trust but they won’t tell me the truth to protect my feelings” Someone I hardly know but they might be too critical? This is one question I do not know the answer too. I think it should be someone I trust, someone I know that if this is dumb, that they will have the heart to tell me but not insult me while doing so. I want to spend more time tomorrow on this as well. Get these ideas down so I don’t forget. It has been a long day, so I am going finish this and go watch some tv and then lay down for bed. Another day in quarantine, another day missing everyone, and another day of conversing with my computer.

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