self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 27

Friday, April 10th 2020:

Pretty good day today, for a Friday. I got paid today so personally I was able to just pay my bills and keep it pushing. I got all my work done today, and even had a few productive meetings with some fellow coworkers. Nice to have some non-work related conversations with a few people I work with. That was very good. I made sure to wrap the week in a positive manner, and by that I mean not leaving anything for myself to do come Monday. I love ending a work week like that.

After work I went for a decent walk. I didn’t mean to but on my way home from my walk, the timing of it could not have been more perfect. The sun was setting and it was just amazing to see the sunset on a Friday the way it was. It was already partly cloudy and very cool temperature so the sky just lite up in some of the most beautiful orange and yellow colors. As the light intensified as the sun was setting the the colors seemed to be alive, showing us that without any smog how clear the air is. The air quality is by far some of the best the city has ever seen. As the sun disappeared in the horizon, I glanced around from my point of view to others that are watching. I was on the top floor of my building and I could see from other buildings, people on their balconies holding each other, either as friends or couples, as they both stood in silence witnessing something so beautiful, something so rare, and maybe a sense of calm that what we are all doing collectively together is working. Staying positive, and not deferring from reaching the target goal. That felt good.

Oh my! I get back to my loft with all kinds of plans on what I want to with my evening. First I clean up and that felt good. Next I got on my computer, logged on the weekly Insomniac “virtual rave-a-thon” and I watched about a hour of DJ’s do their thing. Then I wanted to eat my left overs from last night. And this is when my night took a detour and went a whole different direction. My plan was to eat, watch a little TV, then get back on my computer and finish some of the brainstorming I was doing for my story. I wanted to add a few more key story lines to my characters, brainstorm locations and names, and make a note of years and then later on start taking notes on key events that happened during that time frame. Like the OJ trail, the riots, any natural disasters, top movies those years, stuff like that. I wanted to gather all that info, see if it sparks any memories or stories I can plug into my characters storylines. But NO. That did not happen. Here is how my night went, and ended. I warmed up my food, sat down to eat, and about almost done with my dinner which I was eating on my sofa, I took a moment to sit back because I was feeling full. And then it happened. I passed out. Yep. Food coma strikes again. And this wasn’t like 10 minute nap. I fell asleep for over 2 and half hours! When I woke up I was so confused. I felt like I didn’t sleep long but the stiffness in my neck and back said otherwise. I saw I had a little bit of food left so I thought if I eat it, it will probably wake me up and I can still get some work in. So I ate it, and something interesting was on TV, I sat back to watch it and BANG! I passed out again. This time for almost 3 hours. When I woke up I was so tired, I felt very unrested. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took my dry contacts out and as I was about to go to bed I figured I should write this because I have a lot of stuff I want to do tomorrow and I don’t want this weighing on me. So I am going wrap this up, say goodnight and call it an old mans Friday night. I just couldn’t hang. Tomorrow will be a fun blog, if I don’t fall asleep again.

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