self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 25

Wednesday, April 8th 2020:

Much like last week, this week is flying by. Almost another Friday is upon us and I must say, working a lot still and staying busy is keeping me from thinking time is running slow. I keep finding new things to do as I manage my downtime better. Today’s day consisted of work, making dinner, cleaning up and then finally achieving something I have been doing since day 2 or 3 I think. That was to watch all of Breaking Bad. And tonight I finished it. The show finale and the 2nd to last episode had me on the edge of my seat with my hands covering my mouth in disbelief of the events that unfolded in the show. Wow. What an ending. Great performances all around and also an even bigger shout out to the writers, especially Riann Johnson. Yes the same Riann who directed Episode 8 for Star Wars. He was a writer and director in many episodes, but towards the end his work was on display at its best. I want to break down each season and the characters/roles in a different blog post. But for now I will say that this is defiantly a good binge watch for anyone who loves good suspense drama episodic shows.

So now I need to find a new show. Naw. I am going use that time I was using watching to apply to my writing time. Navigating my way to the point in the process where I need to use Project or something to build a visual timeline. And I think I will start to write idea concepts for each phase of the story, the climaxes, and possible conclusion. In my writing class the instructor said when you are writing a suspense drama type story, like one wrapped in mystery, he said it is always good practice to write how the story ends first. Then build the multiple storylines as they lead up to this conclusion that you wrote. Making adjustments is allowed along the way but the core of how I see this ending must stay in tact to its entirety. At least I am going to try to do that.

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