self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 24

Tuesday, April 7th 2020:

Another busy day at work, and another sad dinner I had last night as well. My sad dinners are usually when I just have a bowl of soup and grilled cheese or tuna. I was just tired and I didn’t feel like cooking anything. Tonight I will. Anyways, work was good. Lots to do. It rained a lot yesterday and hearing the rain fall and hit my window brought a sense of calm and peace to the home office. I felt very relaxed. That enabled me to focus on my work.

Challenging as it is, I still found a few moments to work on my project. But I soon lost focus as some of the work I left to do the next day was creeping into my subconscious. So I decided to set aside my project and just take the night off. I just watched some TV, went for a walk outside in the rain. I also vacuumed and cleaned up a little. I wanted to go to bed early since I had stayed up late the last few nights. I was able to lay down by 11:30. I had some strange dreams. Woke up a few times in the middle of the night confused. First dream I had was odd, I was working from home, but people I used to work with at other jobs kept coming into my home office and asking me questions like we worked together. As the dream went on, my home office started to change into my office at work. In my dream I knew this was odd but I just kept working and doing stuff. But when an old boss of mine from many years ago walked in and asked me to go pick up her daughter, I woke up and was like “what?”. I know I said that out loud. Looked at the time it was 2am. I used the restroom then sat down on my bed confused and rearranged my pillows to go back to sleep. Now here is the backstory. Back in 1996, I was working at Aetna Healthcare in Loma Linda. I was a help desk technician. Just going around fixing PC’s and printers. Lots of troubleshooting and Windows 95 issues. My boss was this lady named Terri Arthur. Great lady. Very focused, very driven. She was a pleasure to work for and as my first real boss, she guided me and taught me a lot about working in an office and politics that go with it. Since I had graduated from Redlands High School the year before, Terri from time to time would ask me to go pick her daughter up from school and take her home and then come back to work. Terri was very busy, she was an executive and was in a lot of meetings and it was difficult for her to find the time to pick her daughter up from school when she was supposed to which was like 3 times a week. The other days she would get a ride from a friend. I was only 17 or 18 at the time, and Terri would give me the green light to go and i would be excused from work for the next hour to go do this task for her. This was something that was kept just between me and Terri. The other people on my team that worked for her would think that I had to go make a billing run across the street so they thought nothing of it. At Aetna, at this time, we would print all the invoices from the mainframe and then after I printed them all I would take them across the street about a block away to be processed by the mail room. I had to work this machine to separate the bills because when they printed, there were 3 copies printed at once. One was for the member, one for accounting/billing, and one to file away. I would have to tear the invoices apart, sort them in alpha order, and separate the different papers so the mail room could mail them correctly. This whole process I did took at least 4 hours to do and I did this once a month. So I would jump in my car and drive to my high school and pick up her daughter. She was a nice young lady. Very friendly and she got points from her friends when I picked her up because they liked my car. Sometimes I would have to wait for her and I would see people I went to school with that were still in school and they would come by and talk to me. And if I had more time I would stop by my soccer coach’s office to say hello. So this dream was so odd as you can imagine. I haven’t seen or spoken to Terri or her daughter in probably over 20 years, then out of no where Terri shows up in my dream to tell me to pick her daughter up. HA! Like I said I was having some weird dreams.

I hear I am not the only one having strange dreams. Seems to be going around being in quarantine and all. See what tonight brings.

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