self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 23

Monday, April 07 2020:

A new week, and without any delay we are off and running. Right away in the morning I had a few calls for work, a few new deadlines, and a couple of other high ticket items to do so my Monday just flew right by me. I was working all day on stuff and that will roll into Tuesday. After work I made some more chicken with some rice and beans and that was about it. Watched some TV, and I even tried to watch the news and just like a few weeks back when I last watched it, about 10 minutes in, the amount of misinformation and politicizing of this virus was just too much to watch. Every story is like “fear” or “be afraid” or “you are gonna die”. It is crazy. Nothing positive at all. I was bored and I thought maybe I should try but that was the last time I really try that again, at least for a while.

So after dinner I was able to brainstorm some more ideas for my book idea. I focused on timeline, events that were happening not only in my personal life, but in the world in general around that time and if they effected the trends or the activities I was involved in. For example, on September 13, 1996, it was a Saturday. Just another Saturday as I did my daily “Saturday routine” which included washing my car in the morning, going to the mall to hang out and chill with friends in the afternoon, hit the local record stores before I went home to hunt for any new music to play that night, then went back home to start packing my travel case with records so I can get to the club/party early enough to setup. My friends and I were working for this promoter who threw various flavors of “hip hop nights” at different night clubs. I was one of his 2nd tier DJ’s which meant I would play in the 2nd room or the slightly smaller room. This room usually was a place for people to just chill at and hang out. They could dance if they wanted to but the main party was in the main room. Sometimes I would play in the big room but given that I was new to this scene, they didn’t totally trust me yet. I packed my stuff and I was out the door. The party started around 10 or so, people were coming in and filling up the big room. I was playing music in the other room, pretty much by myself. Not a lot of people were in there. It usually doesn’t start jumping until around midnight so I was saving all the more popular songs at the time until then. I remember sometime around 11:30pm or so I started to notice that some girls were in the room I was in were crying. I thought it was some drama or something like that but when I saw a couple dudes hugging it out and they looked sad too, I thought to myself that something must of happened. Maybe outside. So I left the DJ booth and headed over to where I knew my friends were, usually by the bar. I didn’t see them. And on top of all that, since I was walking through the big room, I noticed nobody was dancing. Lots of people standing around crying and hugging. Holy crap, this must be serious I thought. Then I bumped into a friend, I asked what happened. He says “oh man, you been back there all night and nobody has told you…dude…Tupac Shakur is dead. He was murdered tonight in Vegas in a drive by shooting” My heart sank into my stomach. Now, I am a big Tupac fan, always have been and always will be. I didn’t agree with this latest version of Tupac that was happening lately like all the dissing of Dr Dre and stuff, was not cool but his music was always fire and I loved every song. I loved Dre more music wise, and having a brief moment in music when both of them were making music together was a great time to be a fan of music. But as I processed what I just heard and asked some random questions, I remembered my job in the other room was left unattended. I hurried back to the room to find the song I left playing was over and the record needle was jumping on the center label. I felt so embarrassed, and I quickly took the needle off and no music was playing. All I could hear was the buzzing sound of the speakers feedback as I flipped through my records looking for anything to play. And what did I find, a Tupac album. I put it on and just let the first song play. When I looked around to see if anyone was laughing at me or anything, I noticed that the people in the room were in tears, crying, consoling each other. Then it hit me. He is really gone, he has passed away. With that thought the first track started playing, it was the full EP titled “Strictly 4 my n.i.g.g.a.z.” and the first track is “Holler if ya hear me”. Soon as it started playing and Pac’s voice came on, I lowered the volume a little bit and I started to cry. I looked around the room and some people there smiled and seemed to agree and be okay with this track playing. But I had no intentions on mixing anything. My mind was racing. I was feeling sad and confused. I wanted answers. But I had this job to do. So back to work I went, with a bit of emptiness in my heart.

Okay, this is sort of the style of writing I am aiming for. Very personal, put the reader into my shoes kind of story. Make sure that the point is made of what I was feeling and everything but I need to translate it into the main character of the story. I brainstormed timeline events like this and lined them up with my own experiences. I have some more I need to make notes on like different New Years eve parties, early high school house parties, massive rave events, etc. I think once I have enough events, dates, and character experiences, then I can start to tie in the main story lines and link them to those times, dates, and characters together. This is gonna be fun. Anyways, more to come.

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