self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 22

Saturday, March 4th 2020:

Do you believe in the power of a good nights rest? I do. And I did get some great rest in. And just waking up with all kinds of motivation and no sense of laziness, well I jumped right in to get my day going. First up was to get some masks for the face. Time to make the drive to Redlands. It was a nice drive, no traffic and a nice calm sense of being out and doing something productive. Didn’t take long to pick up the masks from my sister and we had some time to chat. Even my father came outside to say hello to me. We practiced social distancing so we were more than 6 feet from each other. After that chat I went to the Ranchero market. Picked up some marinated chicken, chips and salsa. Next stop was the Stater Bros up on Barton road, which is like clearly on the other side of town. When I pulled I was able to find a good parking space. I put the mask on, the gloves, and headed in. I was surprised on how thin it was in there on shoppers. Lots of staff cleaning a lot, and like everywhere. Every isle was stocked with food, and they even had eggs. In LA I cant find a store that can barley keep certain shelves stocked all day long. About 20 minutes later my cart was full of all the items on my list. I paid my bill, loaded the car up and then headed home. Once I was home, I put everything away wiped it down as i pulled them out the bags. After all this I ate some lunch, and sat down to relax. Finally. It was close to 3pm, and I knew I had 1 hour until WrestleMania starts. So I got some snacks ready and then sat back to watch the weirdest, most odd, but extreamly entertaining WrestleMania ever! I can’t even describe how awesome it was to see sports again, even if it is fake. But these athletes perform like this under these circumstances was just incredible. And there is more tomorrow!

After the show was over I made some dinner, and then started watching the end of season 4 of Breaking Bad. Again…mind blown. Now just surfing these web pages, nothing much. I was going to brainstorm some more but I can’t concentrate right now. I feel distracted. But I know what I need. I am going finish this blog, then grab my headphones and I am going listen to some music until my mind stops racing and then I can go to sleep. Yes, this is almost like meditation. Works for me on nights like this. Okay, I got some stuff to do. Tomorrow.

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