self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 21

Friday, April 3rd, 2020:

I am so glad it is Friday. It has been a long challenging week for both work and personally, since this is my 3rd week in quarantine. It is definitely not easy and i am still learning a lot about myself during this time in isolation. I worked all day today, I made sure some tasks that I have been working on keep moving forward. I don’t think it is sort of time to be lazy about work. Yea I know I have put in a lot of hours this week, but that is okay. It was necessary and I will do it again the same way next week if I have too. I just made sure I got plenty of rest when the workday ended. I relaxed, took a nice hot shower and then I went to sleep for a nap. When I woke up it was close to 11pm and I was a bit hungry. So a nice bowl of cereal and I went right back to sleep. Friday done and gone, and I can look forward now to a restful weekend, and hopefully not work.

In my mind the wheels are spinning with ideas for this story I am beginning to piece together right now. Characters are starting to reveal themselves, their individual stories and journeys are taking some sort of shape in my head as well. Some of the more technical details that have to do with the story are going first on my research list. I am not sure how successful I will be in discovering any facts about what I am looking for, but I hope to find some none the least. I think I know who to start with to talk too. Brainstorming some climatic parts of the story is also going to take place at some point this weekend on my iPad. Starting this is important because it will be the true guts of the story. If I don’t feel there is enough there, then maybe I don’t have a story. But if it is a lot, then I will branch out into how the details will be categorized and organized. From there I can line them up with the characters and whatever their journey is, and then focus on the challenges and major plot points along the way. A few ideas come to mind on what will challenge the “hero” of this story, and also how the hero will overcome those challenges and win. I need to make them as dark and impossible as can be. Having the reader think “there is no way to get out of this” is what I want to accomplish. Why? Because that will keep the reader to keep reading, to try to find out what happens, how it happens, and why. Considering also that maybe this is a 2 part story maybe. Like a sequel maybe and if so, planting early seeds for easter eggs is key. This idea goes up on the brainstorming board. Let’s see…other than that I feel I have a lot of work cut out for me. I don’t want this to consume all my time. Again this is just a hobby for now. But if I finish, and I write it, then this quarantine had would of gone on much longer than we all thought. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Anyways, tomorrow is Saturday and I have some stuff to do in the morning so I am going to get up early and hit the road to get the jump on it all. Then I will most likely be watching WrestleMania on Saturday and Sunday night. Oh yea, wrestling and I have a very strange relationship. I think I will blog about that tomorrow. Until then…love.

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