self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 20

Thursday, April 2nd 2020:

20 days in quarantine. Wow. How time is flying by. Today is no different than the others, I get up, get “ready” for work. Then I hit the tasks at hand from about 8:30 or 9am until 6 or 7pm. Sometimes it is difficult to see how fast time just goes by, especially in the morning. Today I had some tasks to do but also attended more breakout sessions for this conference that I attended yesterday. I had about 4 conference calls today. Some Zoom calls, some just in Slack. Either way I had a few discussions with some coworkers I normally interact with on a daily basis. But since we have been WFH, I hardly speak to them live, only via chat or emails. So after business was done, we were able to catch up and chat. See how the family is doing, stuff like that. All of them asked about my father, which is so thoughtful of them. Good friends they are. It is at times like this that you can really see the people closest to you true colors. After work I went for a run but I walked most of it. Then I came back, cleaned up, made some dinner, and then watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad. I need to go to the store but I plan on stopping by my fathers house this Saturday morning to pick up some eggs my sister bought for me, and also some face masks. My father would always do his own yard work before he had his heart attack. Since then, he has not touched is lawn equipment and for a while my sister was having our cousin do the yard. But now she is doing it herself because it is good exercise and plus being in lockdown, it is good activities to do around the house. You know, being productive. When I used to own a house back about 15 years ago, doing yard work was something I always took pride in. Something about it, just brings a level of satisfaction to ones self when the job is done. I can see why she is doing this. Anyways, she found some extra masks my father had because he always wore one when he cut the grass. So she is going to set one aside for me. Good looking out right? We have to wear masks when we are out and about here in LA and Amazon has none available. Rather going out to find one, well this saves me that hassle. So after I get this mask I will go to the grocery store on my way home. This is why I have not gone this week, mainly because I have no mask. Once I have it, then it will be just another adjustment to the wardrobe when ever I go out.

Low and behold, I have started writing. With my other studies not happening anytime soon, it is still a must to stay “educated”. So after taking this writing class, taking up the advice of doing a blog, I have begun the first phase of brainstorming ideas for a story. The kind of story that will have most of the elements about some of my most favorite things. Not sure how to exactly phrase this, but I am going to write a story that takes place in the past. In a time when I was full of motivation and determination. A time before family tragedy and the daily grind settled in. When I was a young man, growing up fast in a world full of rapid changes with not just technology, but with how information was accessed. When I had an idea, and a vision of being an underground party dj, and the lifestyle and themes that once dominated the life I lived. But here is the thing, this story is going to be very positive, with the ups and downs of the life I lived to trying to get to a certain point, not knowing what the next point would be. There was no book on any of this. Some people thought you are a DJ to just make money, or to be popular. To gain fame, or recognition, or some type of approval from my peers. Or maybe simply because you like to party so why not be a member of the small group of individuals that hosted these events. But no. It wasn’t like that for me at all. It wasn’t about the people, money, cars, girls, or the fame. For me, it was always about the music, the culture, and being a part of something that was bigger than just me and my friends. This culture we were a part of had the beginnings of something beautiful, something massive, something none of us could even comprehend at that time. We tried, and trust me, we tried out best to make the best of what we knew and had. Friends being the best men and women they could to each other without being to selfish in their actions. Everyone played a role. Everyone brought something to the table. We all made a everlasting bond and friendship that was expressed in the darkest of the nights, in the midsts of warehouses and other unoccupied venues. We danced, and laughed, and fought, and overcame our differences to be one movement. To push the boundaries of something great that was to come, we just didn’t know it. This story must be told, but not by someone who didn’t live it, but for someone who respected it. In Southern California, we had many cultures. The low rider/car scene, the party scene, the hip hop scene, and the rave scene. Our paths crossed from time to time but with respect we all knew who was what and where they were from. No beef, no disrespect, in fact it was all about respect. This story has so many elements. So many beautiful details and if told the right way, it can be something of a must read in my eyes.

And so it will begin this weekend. I will continue my brainstorm of ideas, phases, and points of interests as I will gather what I need to research and begin the first steps in writing, which will hopefully be my first book titled “when we owned the night”.

Wish me luck and I will be witness to how I turned this whole quarantine into possibly the next great adventure in my life. More to come.

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