self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 19

Wednesday, April 1st 2020:

Hellooooooo APRIL! 3 weeks of staying inside and following the rules has lead me to this point in April first of 2020. I am not sick, I am going to get sick, and I have found somewhat of a rhythm for work, and after work activities. And I must say, it has been making my days go by really fast. Especially in the mornings. Today I had only a few conference calls, and then I made sure to attend a virtual conference that is for a technology product named Okta. Okta is an identity provider and security tool. I use Okta a lot in my everyday tasks at work. I am the SME (subject matter expert) at my company for Okta so I need to make sure to up on the latest stuff they talk about, especially since Okta is a security tool for technology. It was a nice change of pace to attend this conference online, attending hour long sessions all morning and afternoon. Feeding my brain new knowledge and letting it plan and wonder what it would be like to do the things that I am learning in the workplace. I was taking a lot of notes, being a good conventioneer and stoping by the virtual product floor and talking and chatting it up with other IT professionals. Tomorrow is the last day, and I have a nice list of things I want to not only see, but I also need to spend some time with their experts and run by them some questions and architecture design questions I have. Should be good day tomorrow.

After work today I was exhausted, mentally. I did my part and supported the local area restaurants and I ordered dinner for delivery on UberEats. Got me some decent Mexican food. It wasn’t Cuca’s quality but decent enough. A good break from my tuna or grilled cheese. I need to walk to the store tomorrow. I am going to try to go in the morning. After dinner I was watching TV and I accidentally took a power nap aka cat nap. Yea, just sitting in my sofa chair I felt like I nodded off for a few minutes, but when I woke up it had not been a few minutes, it had been almost 1 hour and 45 minutes. I laughed because I felt like I wanted to go to bed, but I needed to clean up first and straighten out my kitchen area, it was messy. So after all that I am wide awake now. I hope I can fall asleep later. Reminds me when I was little, my mom would lightly rub her fingers on my back while I would lay on her lap if we were watching tv or if it was late and I would always fall asleep…fast. I don’t know how she did it but that always would work. I could some of that in my life right now. But, the quarantine must go on! A new day is rapidly approaching and I am hoping to blog about some new stuff tomorrow…hopefully.

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