self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 17

Monday, March 30th 2020:

Only one more day left in March, and April is pretty much gonna be the same and so it is becoming more of a reality that this is the way things are going to be from now on. I know a lot of us have different point of views about how this quarantine is going. Some people are like “lets just get through the next few weeks and see where we are” others are like “the numbers of the infected and deaths are still climbing at an alarming rate, we maybe this way for months to come!”. How do I feel about it? I have two different ways that I am viewing this. One is that I am so thankful that I have a job that still has me working during this time of crisis. And I am working a lot. Like more than I normally work. Some days I have a routine, and others I don’t. Some of the people I work with are working 7 days a week it seems, and I feel that at times, I am expected to do the same. It’s not like I can go anywhere or do anything else. Well, that seems to be the perception. But I am hoping that is not the case. The other point of view I have on this is more dark and gloomy but realistic. Given the time frames that it takes to get past this crisis, and looking at what China and Italy have gone through, I am thinking probably May is far fetched, so probably June or July we will get back to some normalcy. Which means we are going to loose all of spring. I think that is acceptable given the circumstances that we are all in right now.

As for today, I just worked a lot again. I wanted to end my day early and get some rest but that didn’t happen. I am thinking of now just working half a day on Friday to just catch up on all the hours I lost over last weekend. I dunno. Just going to have to wait and see. It was worth it. The work I did Sunday really did save a lot of headaches today. But tomorrow is a new day and I don’t know what situations will come my way. I need to also get to the store soon. Either Tuesday or Wednesday. Just need a few things. My food situation is still very positive. And since I am eating less and healthier, I can tell I am loosing weight. I was so tired today after work i didn’t go for my run. I need to make sure to do that on Tuesday. After work I just took a super hot shower and rested by watching more tv. I finished season 3 of Breaking Bad. 2 more seasons to go. This show is so wild. Very enjoyable.

I have noticed that it is not getting difficult to blog every night, but it is getting difficult to muster up any motivation to blog every night. But I keep doing it. I think it is not a lack of motivation, but I am just tired. Too many hours working, and some of it was stressful. I anticipate a quiet week now that this major deployment is off and running. Kind of like basking in the wake of the next project. I am okay with that. I feel like I do need a bit of a break from the tight deadlines and high expectations. But then again, that keeps the job interesting and I am also very good at it.

I am loosing count, what is this day 17? +3 days healthy. No signs of sickness, and I feel great. Just tired. Starting to think about things and people I miss. Brings down my attitude and moral. I hope that doesn’t happen more often. For now I have my ways of dealing with it. I wonder sometimes, what others are doing to deal with their inner depression during this quarantine. I am seriously considering teaching myself some type of meditation. More on that later. Good night.

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