self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 17

Sunday, March 29th 2020:

Sunday, a good day to relax. Nope. Not for me. I got up, made some lunch, watched some tv, then I decided to take a nap. I was woken up by my phone ringing. It was my manager, saying there was an issue with email flow on a project I was working on Friday night. So I got on my computer, connected with the other workers on this project, and I got to work. About 7 hours later, I finished. Took me a few to get the right idea in play, while still trying to play out all the possible outcome scenarios. But I am sure I got it right, and I just finished firing off some emails. I need to get up early to check on the applications performance. But I am highly confident I didn’t miss anything. I am hoping to not work a lot of hours tomorrow. I will be exhausted by afternoon if I do. Other than that, I made some dinner and just watched more Breaking Bad. I am nearing the end of season 3. Wow. This show is bananas!

I actually planned on doing a lot more than just work today. I wanted to go for a run, set some health fitness markers for the upcoming week. I wanted to research a few things for myself personally. And I also wanted to give my sister a call, see how she is doing. But work got in the way. It’s okay. I know I am the right person to solve these types of complicated issues, so I make sure i deliver results, which I did. Tomorrow as you can imagine more work, but if I can finish early and then go for a run and set my markers, that would be fantastic.

I also saw that the government is applying a the “stay at home policy” for the entire month of April. Wow, just like that we lost April. Maybe in May we can try to get some healthy people a way to identify they are healthy. Maybe wearing a special wristband with a barcode on it so you know you are in some type of national database saying you are healthy, or maybe even better, you have have the antibody in you already to prevent you from getting sick. That would be nice, but I don’t think any of that will be available this May or June. If we are lucky, possibly in October or November time frame. Can you imagine if we are told to stay indoors all the way until the election in November? I am sure the stores and food places will maintain their ability to have food for everyone, but restaurants and bars that are close, they may never recover from this unless the government gives more money away. I don’t think anyone running this pandemic operation has the right experience needed to foresee how long we will be told to stay home. They probably don’t know because this is something they have never seen before, or dealt with. And that is okay with me, just be very cautious. if we need to stay inside a whole month, then probably May as well sounds good. I miss everyone yes, but I would rather be stuck in my place all spring then to know of any close friends or family catch this virus and pass away. Isn’t staying inside more important than that? For anyone who is not following the rules, they should ask themselves on simple yes or no question. Is it worth it to go out and hang out with friends or family, more important than getting sick and possibly dying or getting all your friends or family sick? Is it worth it? Yes or no. For me, it is not worth it. Definitely no. I don’t understand why that is so hard for others.

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