self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 16

Saturday, March 28th 2020:

Quarantine day +2. Feeling pretty good today as I write this on a Sunday morning. I was so tired Saturday night I went to bed a little earlier than normal and I totally forgot to write my blog entry. I still have an idea of what was in my head yesterday, so I will write this entry based on that. Then later tonight I will write my entry for Sunday.

So Saturday, I pretty much slept in for the first part of the day. I was feeling a bit lazy in bed and as much as I kept waking up, I kept going back to sleep. By the time I got my day going, it was well passed 3pm. I went to my office after getting ready. I actually combed and styled my hair, first time in like 15 days I have really done that. I went to my office to grab a charger for my laptop. My laptop from work had a decent battery run but I mostly use my own desktop to do my work. So I grabbed that, and some other items at my desk that I need because I don’t think this quarantine is going to end anytime soon. On my way back home I stopped by the ATM, and grabbed some lunch from Del Taco. Wow. First fast food I have had in like 3 weeks. Tasted okay. I was on the “go” so I wanted something fast. On my way home I didn’t make any more stops and when I got in I unloaded the stuff I brought. As I was fumbling around my desk, I realized my setup isn’t really working for me like I initially planned. I have a Pioneer DDJ-SB3 and l am practicing more with since I am working on a mix right now. But my setup is killing me. The device is way too low on my desk and I can’t do my thing with it while sitting down. I need to stand up which means that I am slumped over the whole time while playing music and thats killing me. So as I was unpacking my stuff, I had an idea. At first my idea was to just remove my current turntables and replace them with the device so I can use the space better and not break my back. My turntables need a nice cleaning and repair. I tried doing it myself, but no luck and it is difficult to play music in that condition. Since I am not getting them repaired anytime soon, I removed them and rearranged the setup so the Pioneer is now front and center. I also put my monitor in a better position so while using Serato I can navigate the music better. But given the location of my computer, the cables didn’t reach! UGH. As I debated with myself on what to do, I came to the conclusion that I am going to have to re-do the entire workspace area to make this work. 4 hours later I finished. Yea, it took me that long. I didn’t mean to but when arranging a workspace area and marrying with my music engineering workspace, well lets just say that I am very particular on how everything goes. Plus I cleaned every piece along the way. Every knickknack, every cable…everything. But now it’s awesome! Workspace is improved, I can do my DJ thing more comfortably, and still room to grow. I was very proud. After this was all done I ate a small dinner, and rested on my sofa. I am currently watching “Breaking Bad” as assigned by my writing class. I am in season 3 right now. It is blowing my mind. I am going to blog about it when I finish. Anyways, I was so tired from all the activities of the day, that I passed out on my sofa and eventually crawled to bed at some point in the middle of the late night. That is why I didn’t write this blog.

And that was my Saturday. It was good to get out and do a few things. I am still not sick and not really having any signs of cabin fever. I am keeping myself busy, finding things to do, and still running or going outside for long walks to workout. As a new week is right around the corner, it seems like this maybe the new normal until we get through this virus lockdown. I have a feeling that our old normal may not return until either late May or early June. I am hoping sooner, but I am preparing to dig in for the long haul. So should you. Virtual hangouts with friends is starting to sound like a good idea.

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