self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 15

Friday, March 27th 2020:

End of the week, and another week in the books of being self quarantined. LA is getting close to locking us all in due to the number of cases of infected and dead that are rising very fast. The messed part is that people are still not following the rules. They are still hanging out with friends inside their own homes, going to the beaches and parks. The mayor of LA is now saying if he has to close all parks, beaches and start fining people for being out then that is what they will do I mean how difficult is it to just stay home and do nothing. That is it. You literally have to do nothing, probably the most easiest thing in the world to do is nothing. Does it cost money? No. Is it boring? Depends, how much of a social butterfly are you? Can you not enjoy yourself by yourself? Do you need the validation of others in order to have a good time? Wow, I feel bad for those who are thinking they are not sick and in 2 weeks time they will be sick, then in the next 4 weeks they have a huge problem on their hands if they have a bad respiratory system. All because you couldn’t just stay home and chill. Lame.

Well today work was busy. I put in at least 10 or 11 hours. Didn’t mean to but I had a deadline today and I finished but we had some unforeseen technical issues. In fact I was so busy, I did’t have a chance to research some of the stuff I wanted to blog about tonight. I will save it for next time. Tomorrow I need to go run a few errands, then it is back to isolation and Netflix. I am actually really tired now so I am not gonna blog too long. Gonna wrap this up and say good night. It was a good week and I have a good post in mind for tomorrow and I should have time to research it. So until then. Love.

One thought on “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 15

  1. Ha! That’s what I’m saying. Why is it so hard for people. I saw this post the other day that during people’s normal lives they are in their homes just looking at their phones but now all the sudden, people are outside walking around hanging out with people and socializing. I thought it was fairly accurate and true!

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