self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 14

Thursday, March 26 2020:

AWWW YEA. Made it to day 14 feeling good, no symptoms, and no signs of illness. So it is safe to say that I am not a carrier of the virus. Thank goodness. I wasn’t worried, but it is a relief to know that I don’t have it. So now what? Go to the beach? Throw a party? Naw, gonna still quarantine myself for another 2 weeks. Mainly because I can still get the virus if I am not careful. And I am being very careful. Wearing gloves, washing my clothes after one wearing, washing my hands, and you know the rest. With that being stated, today was a good day. I crossed off some tasks on my to do list for the week today. That felt good. I also had some time to go to the store and pick up some stuff. They still don’t have any eggs but they pretty much had everything else. I feel like people walk around with fear in their eyes. Almost like they are afraid or nervous. I find that interesting because I had my earphones on and I was jamming my play list (Ice Cube, Wu Tang, Snoop, Too $hort, etc.) and I also had on a beanie (didn’t feel like combing my hair) and my sunglasses, long sleeves, gloves, pants and sneakers. And as I walked through the store I felt the eyes of others on me like not in a bad way, but just they just look afraid. Some people looked normal, like they are just doing their routine which is good but the majority of the folks in there just seemed shook. And I understand why. These are uneasy times. Social media and the mainstream media are flooding their viewers and readers with misinformation and it varies. Some states are like “we don’t have any outbreaks, everyone go out and do stuff”…while other states are in lockdown and are desperate for medical supplies. Meanwhile our leadership in government are not leading as they should. Real leaders take responsibility, credit others in their victories and remind the team and others about the long road ahead. Some of sports greatest coaches never took credit for their wins. But what they did do was lead their teams when times were good and bad. When the team was on a loosing streak or just straight “blowing it*” the leadership of those teams would step up and take responsibility for the failures and make statements, not promising to improve, to get better. But our leadership men and women are not doing that. They are trying to use politics to measure their successes. And as the stimulus package gets dissected it is clear that the lower class and some middle class are getting cut out. And that is how our government has always done business. Remember when the auto industry got bailouts from the US government and all they did was give their execs bonuses and fat golden parachutes? Now here we are again, and why do we keep making the same mistakes? Why do we always repeat the mistakes of our past? Is it in our human nature to not learn from others or from our past? Why not study the past and learn something? So many questions and as we all move more into the unknown future, who knows if a $1200 check will be enough for families. Now I know I won’t get a check, and that is fine. I am still working and there are way too many American men and women out there that have been laid off due to this virus. A month ago all these fine hard working Americans had on idea this was coming. They didn’t prepare for it by saving money or just cutting not needed expenses…no. There was no time to prepare for this and now they have no income coming in. Yes, cut them a check. I am more than happy to step aside to not get anything so others can benefit. But we all know it will not be enough. What are we going to do in May? And the most important question of all is…when will this end? All I know is that making false promises to the American public is not helping, as I saw first had in the grocery store today. Part of me just wanted to say something to this older Hispanic lady I saw at the store. She looked so scared. So worried. I have seen that look before. I wanted to just tell her that it’s gonna be okay, we are gonna make it. But I didn’t, because mainly it is not up to me, it is up to all of us to feel this way no matter what the fools on TV keep saying.

Stay safe everyone, I am going to start counting my days in quarantine with a plus sign. So as we go into Friday, I hope everyone ends their week on a good note. I am going to try to do some different posts now that I am out of the 14 day quarantine. Let’s see if I can bring a smile to some faces myself.

One word….Love.

*my boy Chris Gomez would always say this when he or others would screw up. Seems fitting to keep that phrase alive in any type of post. shout out to christina aka chris gomez

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