self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 13

Wednesday, March 25th 2020:

Very, very, very busy day today. Had a few conference calls and some deadlines coming up that I need to press hard on to get my work done. Funny thing happened today, I was on a conference call with some workmates of mine and after we finished the tasks we set out to do, we started and chatting. Just simple topics, like how are things and just sharing stories. And I realized something. Everyday I would see these guys at work, we would go to lunch together, and have time to chat in person at work. Since we started the WFH, I haven’t had the chance to chat with them like this. It was nice. And I realized just how much I missed that. Never really knew it until now. I guess that can be something to look forward to one day when we all go back to the office. Not sure when that will be now because the company I work for announced today that the WFH has been extended to April 10th. That is an additional 2 more weeks now. Looks like this thing might last a while. But my own quarantine is just about over. But all this means is that I am not going to get sick nor did I get the virus more than a few weeks ago when I was going to the office. That is a relief. I wasn’t worried about it, just concerned. I didn’t want to go forward not knowing if I was carrying it and then pass it to someone elderly like my father. After tomorrow I am safe knowing I won’t do that. But it doesn’t mean I am immune to the virus. Just means I don’t have it, but if someone who is sick coughs on me or something, then I can still get it. So now that I know I am in the clear, whoever I go hang out with or go see, I need them to make sure they don’t have it as well before I take the chance to go see them.

After work today I ran a few miles, I stretched out after and cleaned up. Then I continued to watch my MasterClass on writing. Nothing much else to do. I am glad the week is close to coming to an end. I am still not watching the crazy news. Just still reading the WHO and CDC website postings. Things looking pretty bad out there. Yikes. I have some laundry I need to do, I think I will get the jump on that tomorrow. I might walk to the grocery store tomorrow to pick up a few things. Since I know I am not sick, I think I might go for a drive or something tomorrow night. Just to drive around the freeways since they are so empty. My poor car hasn’t been driven in over 2 weeks. It’s almost like it has the virus as well. Poor thing. LOL. Had some dreams last night about my parents. Made me smile as I let my mind drift into daydreams while I was working but only for a moment. It was nice seeing them happy together. I dreamt of a memory I had when my family took the R.V. on a road trip to Northern California. I remember we stayed at a R.V. park across the street from Candlestick park in San Francisco, where at the time the 49ers played. But it was summer so no football. But I had not really seen a stadium in person at that age and I was in awe of its size and towering beauty. As a young artist, it inspired me to try to draw architecture. Buildings and such, including stadiums like this. The engineering aspect of a stadium that size just blew my mind at that young age I was. So many questions, so many thoughts. I wanted to draw it to almost figure it out. In my dream I was in the small bed in the R.V. and my parents were standing together asking me if they could see what I was drawing. And I went into great detail explaining my picture of the stadium I was drawing. I remember my mother saying to me that it was “really good” and that I should “give it to her when I am done so she can put it on the fridge door in the kitchen.” You see, in my family like others, when ever a kid has a great accomplishment or recognition the parents would show it off by putting it on the refrigerator door. Some of my early artwork like the dinosaurs I drew were proudly displayed on that door. So my mom says that and my dad says to me “we should try tomorrow to get a closer look so you can add more details”. I remember being so excited about that as I was told to finish up and go to sleep. That excitement and level of eagerness stayed with me, and it was a moment at that age that I knew it would last for a long time making an impact on my soul. How, I have no idea, but this memory somehow got recalled up from my memory archive and replayed in my dream last night. I woke up from that dream, feeling proud and happy. I thought to myself, “its nice to see my mother at times like this, almost like she comes to visit me or subconsciously my brain does this to help me get thought these nights and times of isolation”. I felt very loved and proud. Then I wondered what happened to those pictures. They must of went into the trash because I have never seen them again. Kind of a shame. But it’s okay, it was nice to see my mom and dad, as well as feel so loved that it made me smile and less stressed. I wonder if she will come visit me tonight again in some way. This thought also brings a smile to this tired face.

One more day, one more night, then I will finally know. 1 day to go. Good night internet.

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