self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 11

Monday, March 23rd 2020:

Back to work! Yep, lots to do at at the virtual office today. I didn’t sleep to well last night. I was having some weird dreams. They made no sense. I dunno, I already put them behind me. But I hit the ground running today at the office. A few tasks came to me early that took a while to figure out. Then after lunch I had a few meetings and then chatting with some co-workers and then the day was over. Not bad for a Monday. Rumor at the virtual water cooler is that our WFH is going to be extended 2 more weeks sometime later this week. Just going to go with the flow, that is just the way it is now.

After work l laced my running shoes and went for a decent 2 mile jog outside. I didn’t see anyone else except when I was on my way back in I saw some couple walking their dog. So looks like people are staying indoors, well at least here in South Park LA they are. After that I made some dinner, and watched some of my MasterClass session. Now I am blogging and then it is off to bed. My knee is kind of sore. I think I didn’t stretch it enough. I listened to an audiobook while I was running so at least I got that in as well today. When I was cleaning up after I was thinking about some stuff. Thinking about what I would do if I got sick this week. How I would take care of myself and stuff. Not like I was thinking of all the bad things but more or less of all the things and steps I would need to do to take care of myself, and how I would have too, being that I live alone. Now that would be a challenge because I turn into a big baby when I am sick. Realizing that I would have to man up and just not act like a baby is going to be difficult. But do it I must. Ya so I had a few thoughts about that. After that my mind was pretty clear. I went over some notes from my lessons from my classes to just refresh myself on my those notes. But I wasn’t very motivated so I put them away after a while. I had a sudden urge to be artistic so I pulled out my sketch pad and looked at a few drawings I had in there that I haven’t finished. I worked on those for a while and then went to eat some food.

Today I was very neutral, almost like this is the normal day for me. I didn’t worry about anything nor did I watch the news for any reports. I am settling into this new work/life routine well I think. I can only tell because nothing exciting happens when I have settled into a routine. But given the crisis we are living in now, I am okay with that.

10 days down, 4 to go. YeeHaww!

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