self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 10

Sunday, March 22nd 2020:

Lazy day Sunday. That is what today was for me. I did not sleep in, I did get up in the morning. I straightened up my bed area, cleaned my bathroom and that was about it. After that I played some video games, text chatted with some friends, and watched some tv. Today I watched some cartoons, and then I watched a movie. I watched Sicario. I have seen it before but good suspense movie. It started raining here in the city late afternoon and with my window open, the sound of the rain outside put me to sleep fast during this movie. When I woke up I made some dinner (pasta) and watched some standup comedy videos on youTube. I have some stuff to do in the morning for work, so my goal is to go to bed at a decent hour. But that was my Sunday, nothing exciting. Just another day in quarantine.

For my thoughts, well they were more positive today. I had music on in my loft most of the day as I was doing stuff. Today I was listening to some 80s electro dance hits. Humming the lyrics and smiling at memories that raced back to me when specific songs came on, enabled my thoughts today to be more calm and peaceful. I didn’t think much about this quarantine at all. I didn’t recall memories with people that would turn into me missing them thoughts and that makes me sad. That didn’t happen. Thinking about some of the work I have to do tomorrow, and what type of new work will come my way. I usually don’t think much about work on a Sunday, but I am limited to my surroundings and when I was on my computer earlier, one of my desktop screens reminded me of the workload that was rapidly approaching. It is okay, the week will be here and hopefully the week will go by fast with me being busy and all. I really hope when Thursday or Friday get here, I can be glad that I am not sick and that I didn’t catch or carry this virus. But I did think about of when the 14 days do pass, should I still stay indoors or should I go out and do stuff or see some friends that I know are also well? I don’t have an answer for that. My gut says I should just continue the quarantine and have the peace of mind knowing that I don’t have the virus. I just wonder what is next. What is next for us, as people. Where do we go from here? I mean yea some of us will go back to work in offices and businesses, but what about all the other people who lost their jobs, do they get too go back to their old jobs? If not then will restaurants be all slammed because they let go most their workers? These ares some of the thoughts I was having today as well. I really hope things go back to normal but I feel that you and I both know after this, nothing is going to be the same ever again.

Only 4 days to go. Time for the home stretch.

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