self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 8

Friday, March 20th 2020:

I am starting to get used to this quarantine thing. Talked to my sister last night on the phone. We discussed something about what is going on but most importantly we talked about the big “what if” scenario with our father. I still need to try to come up with some sort of emergency plan in case she gets sick and I need to take care of my father. Where would I take him? Where would she go? Will they both be okay? Scary yes but I have a lot of faith and this old catholic boy knows a thing or two about religion.

“Fear not because God is with you”

A priest told me that a long time ago when I first lost my grandmother to cancer. I was young and scared. I had never seen my mother so sad. She seemed so vulnerable. I was young and I couldn’t do anything to help her. She was so strong but I saw her break a few times. That scared me. The priest saw the fear in my eyes and told me that line from Saint Padre Pio. He was an Italian priest I was told. He was wise and died in 1968 (I had to look that up). But I trusted my church, my teacher and I moved forward knowing that God is with me, and I shall not fear. Here we are again. Fear shows his face again to me and I have to discuss things that are hard for any adult to discuss about their only living parent. But I think a plan will reveal itself. My sister and I will do what is right and with faith and love on our side, we will get through this. If you can’t tell by now, this isolation is digging in deep into me. I am resorting to old studies for guidance. And it is helping.

But back to the matter at hand. Woke up today feeling good. No signs of illness. I went through my day at work as if this is a normal thing but it was nice to hear some good feedback from the management about what we are now calling WFH or work from home. I really am proud of what we are doing and helping people WFH. A nice warm sense of accomplishment covers me today as the day ends and I navigate my way into the weekend.

So today I wanted to blog about things I want to do when this crisis is over. I have had a few days to think about it and here it goes.

  • Visit my father and sister, have a nice dinner or maybe go to a casino buffet. Share stories and just spend as much time as possible with them both.
  • Visit my friends. I am not going to name them all but I hope we can get together and do something fun like a house warming potluck or something like that would be fun.
  • Go visit my mother at the cemetery. Spending time there allows me to think out loud and see things through before I make big decisions in my life.
  • Visit my favorite beaches. Maybe go early and go for a nice long run up the coast line.
  • Disneyland. Yep. You know it.
  • Eat at my favorite restaurant…Islands. I know how that sounds but I have friends there and the food is good.
  • Cuca’s. Damn it, now I am hungry.
  • Long drive up the PCH to SLO. I love SLO.
  • Go to a sporting event game here in LA. I don’t care who it is. I miss sports.
  • Go shopping for some clothes or shoes or something. I know how that sounds but with the economy taking a huge hit from this, I want to do my part to contribute.
  • Head up to Big Bear, go hiking, stay in a cabin. Haven’t done that in years.
  • Spend the day at a resort or someplace nice to just get away from it all and relax. Like a stay-cation.

That is all I have for now. I think the theme here is getting out the house and doing stuff. Yeah, that should be good. For tonight I made some pasta and watched one of my favorite movies…Larry Crowne. Have you seen that? It is a work of art. It is one of those feel good movies that at times like this, seem to be very healthy. Watching Terminator or Outbreak is not a good idea. Trust me Larry Crowne is a good flick to rent and watch. I am about to lay down and rest but this blogging thing is helping. I actually look forward to it and it brings me to a feeling of completion at the end of my day. And that is something I am learning to look forward to.

“God will always give us more than we deserve” Saint Padre Pio

6 days to go….good night.

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