self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 7

Thursday, March 19th 2020

Day 7: Well it is now official. Today the California state governor and the mayor of Los Angeles announced a “safer at home” order to stop the spread of the virus. I have been in a quarantine for 7 days now, but now the rest of my fellow Californian’s will join the rest of us. It seems like the government is walking us slowly into a martial law state but I am starting to think it is necessary. We have stop this from spreading and now that it has been 2 weeks since everyone started moving on this thing, people are now dying are showing symptoms of the virus. Me? I am good. I have no symptoms of being sick. I wake up, I do my routine and I am good thus far. I am getting my work done. I have plenty to do for my job. I am just pacing myself and making sure that everything my management needs done is getting done while still trying to think ahead and how we can sustain this type of way of working. I had some cereal today and some soup for lunch and tuna sandwiches for dinner. Things are fine. Not watching much tv now. I think here is what I am going to do next week to kind spread out my non work activities. This is just a rough list, I will figure it out on Sunday to finalize it. Oh yeah….these are activities I will do after my work is done for the day which is usually around 6 or 7pm.

  • Monday: Go for a 2 mile run around Staples Center and record the time in my blog here. Clean up and then after dinner watch a MasterClass episode (I have a subscription) on a topic I know nothing about for a few hours. I will then spend a few hours working on my mix, practicing my blending techniques and transitions. Then listen to an audio book for a few hours before bed.
  • Tuesday: Go for 1 mile run and post my time in this blog for later, then find a place around the convention center to do jumping jacks, squats, push ups, and shadow box before heading home and cleaning up. Then it is movie night. Going to watch a movie I have never seen before. End the night playing some video games.
  • Wednesday: 2 mile run and like before record the time and post in the blog that night, then head home and clean up. Eat dinner and then start watching Homeland on Showtime. Try to watch a few episodes. That is like 2 hours. Then back behind the turntables as I will continue to work on my mix, try to get a few hours in on that. Then end the night listening to the audio book for a hour or so until it is time to sleep.
  • Thursday: No workout, take a break from that. Instead I will clean. I will get my Clorox wipes and clean my loft good. Then movie night again, but this time I will watch a comedy that I have seen before. Like 40 year old virgin or Step Brothers. Something funny to lighten the attitude of another long week.
  • Friday: 2 mile run and record the time again. I am doing that to see if I can improve my times on my runs in the coming weeks. After the run just going to do some pushups and then head home to clean up. Eat some dinner. And then MasterClass episode again, this time I will watch an episode of something I want to learn about. Like I think I will watch Deadmau5 episode on trance music. No audio book tonight, just going to blog and maybe stay up late working on my mix. I find that very therapeutic and it is how I release some stress. Music is a great outlet, especially when you can create it.

For Saturday and Sunday, I will relieve myself from a set schedule and just wing it. Do what comes natural and just go with the flow. Stay stress free and definitely get some workouts in. Probably need to do some laundry and of course clean again. I also want to build that list and blog about the things I want to do once this thing is behind us. This will allow myself to journey down a path of not just fantasy, but dream of a reality that can come true one day. That sounds good, I like that. Also here is another thing, I really think I should be cleaning every other day but I live by myself so it doesn’t get that messy. I am still working on a mix so if I have a program set and the songs selected, I might take a dry run at making the mix and see how it plays out. If it sounds hype then I will start to work on putting it together next week.

So there it is, a nice schedule for a week. Yes, I could spend my time worrying about this virus, if it gets worse, what will happen, and worry and stress about it, but like I said the other day, that is exactly what my brain wants to do because I am an engineer. I want to solve the problem. But this is one problem I can’t solve. I am just going to be a good healthy citizen and do my part. By creating a nice schedule full of activities that will keep me busy, and my mind won’t ponder or worry about the bigger issue. I don’t think that I am ignoring it or dismissing it. I have identified it and made it very clear to myself what I can do to do my part. For anyone else reading this, what will you do to do your part? Are going to sit around worrying about what is going on? That sounds very unhealthy. We are better than that. We can do much better. Let us show the rest of the country and world that here in CA we got our shit together and know how to handle crisis situations like this. Take it from me, an IT veteran. Crisis mode is what we do. This is the right move.

Until tomorrow, good night, and stay healthy. 7 more days to go. Halfway there.

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