self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 5

Tuesday March 17th 2020

Day 5: One word comes to mind…Impressive. Yesterday the team was hitting on all cylinders and it was a very successful day when it comes to employees at my job working from home. IT delivered a solution and it worked. Touchdown. But we are not celebrating yet. The issues are still coming into some of us engineers and we are handling them but it is way too soon to celebrate. But I have been able to focus more on my personal stuff while I work. But still none the less making my work a priority. I keep checking in on family and friends. Nobody is sick. Everyone seems to be okay. I have decided that I will go to the grocery store in the morning on Wednesday so around 10am I order some food from Papa John’s. Yes, I am treating myself to some pizza. I over order and according to my calculations, I will probably have enough food from this order for like 3 days. Score!

As I am doing my work I take some notes to add for my blog. Today after work I am going to workout in my loft for the first time. My building management sent out an email saying they are closing the offices that has the building managers, the gym and the common areas. They also said they want to know if anyone is sick to let them know so they can clean that floors doors, stairways, etc a lot more. They said to keep social distancing from others and let us continue to ride this out.

The workday is done, I did my workout, and then I rested. Not really watching TV tonight. I opened my window to look out into the city. She is so quiet, so ire and calm, peaceful. Some sirens but no honking, no traffic noise. I start thinking about the things I miss. Maybe tomorrow would be a good to maybe blog about those things. Also I recall back to my studies and I dig up some notes I had. Writing this journal helps with mental health. It should also help with my self-esteem. It should make me feel good because it does the following:

  • Clarifies my thoughts and feelings
  • Gets to know myself better
  • Solve my personal problems effectively
  • Reduce stress

I feel encouraged and I look up some articles on Harvard’s Medical School’s website on treating mental health. Passing emotions into writing was a very catchy article I read. I know this is going to be good and I am encouraged to keep this going in my blog. But my eyes are heavy and it is time to rest. 9 more days to go.

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