self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 4

Monday March 16th 2020

Day 4: Big day for us in IT at MGM. The day starts with a conference call that last an hour. All the tasks have been done, all the setups have been finished and all the problems have been solved. Now it is time to see if it works. Will all the employees that have been assigned this tech be able to work from home? Again, I feel very confident and as my team and I gather in a Zoom room we lay out the days events that might happen. At first it seemed quiet. Not a lot of issues coming into the help desk and I am not being pinged for a lot of help. But around 10am it picks up. A whole slew of issues arise and everyone is on top of their game knocking out all the problems thrown their way like a baseball player knocking every complicated pitch out the park. One by one they are getting done. I view the issues from a different perspective. I am being analytical. Are all these issues connected somehow? Do they have a common theme? Did we miss something and like in a “whack a mole” game am I seeing it reveal its face? Like a lot of things I deal with at work, I don’t see a common theme. I don’t see any patterns. But the issues are, well in my opinion elementary. Wrong names, mistyped host names, bad passwords, locked accounts, etc. Nothing big, all small. And the support team is resolving them fast. After lunch I start working on my normal day to day stuff. We use Slack and on the Slack channel for this work we have 40 people communicating and collaborating very well together. Looks like all our work is paying off. All the migrating to the cloud over the last year is working well now. The directors and executives seem to be very pleased and surprised everything is going so smooth. But we are not out of this yet.

I stop working around 7pm. I step away from my computer and take a shower. I relax with dim lighting and listen to some music. I need to release the stress from my eyes from looking at a computer for many hours straight. I don’t go outside. It has been more than 72 hours since I was last outside. I still see people driving around and walking around outside. It is okay. My purpose is different. You see I have a father, my only parent. It has been over 20 years since my mother passed and my fathers time on this earth was almost cut short a few years ago when he had a heart attack and needed to have a quadruple bypass surgery. Scary right? You have no idea. But he is a strong man. A wise man. I seen him change in the months to follow during his recovery and I changed as well. I know this virus is killing elderly people. My father is 77 years old. If he gets sick he most likely won’t survive. I don’t know if I have the virus. It is dormant for 14 days before first signs of illness happen. If I go see my father and I am sick and I don’t know and I get him sick and then he passes…well I won’t be able to ever forgive myself. So the goal is to stay in quarantine isolation for 14 days or at least until I can get tested. It is best for my family’s safety, as well as my own. It will be worth it. I just need to be patient.

10 days to go…

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