self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 3

Sunday March 15th 2020

Day 3: No sports, nothing good on tv, what to do?? I haven’t left my loft in over 48 hours. Am I bored? Nope. Do I feel alone? Nope. Is the world going crazy? Possibly. And that’s the thing. This virus situation is starting to resinate with me, making me think more about myself and who I am in this world. Not just purpose but, like what it is I do and whom I am. I think about all the IT engineers in the world and how some are scrambling to get ready for the coming week as many people are going to work from home but never have worked from home. What technology will they use? Is what I am doing going to work for them as much as it will work for me? I think about how confident I am in the solution I have built and that not only will it really show if it works this how smart my ideas are, but it will reflect on my leadership and how they assigned me this work and that I delivered. I think about this on a Sunday morning as we have another conference call to go over what might or might not happen the next morning. It is a 30 minute call and soon I am back to my isolation…alone. What to do today? Well first I clean…again. Doesn’t take long. Next I change the bedsheets and pillowcases. I sleep in a fairly nice bed with 8 pillows. I think for a minute “why do I need so many pillows?” I am sure there is some scientific answer that but I dismiss the process and move on. I take a mental inventory of what food I have after seeing in my group text chat on my phone how a lot of cities are going crazy over groceries and how stores are running out of stuff. How long until I run out of food? What then, do I have a backup plan?

Here is the bottom line. I am an engineer. I solve problems. All the time. All day long. Solving problems using technology but most of all I solve problems with my brain. This is a problem I am so tempted to solve but I can’t. I need to let it go and live my life how I want and not worry about if all this virus stuff is going to work out. So here were my Sunday activities that I did:

  • Clean kitchen and living area.
  • Watched “Saving Private Ryan” love the cinematography of this film. It’s like watching art come to life. People forget Vin Diesel is in this film. It always gets me when the medic guy dies, so sad.
  • Work for almost 3 hours on some task to get ready for Monday.
  • Spend a hour or so online shopping for groceries but no delivery dates are given as I see they are probably too busy and I should just go to the store.
  • I go for a 2 mile run around Staples Center. It was nice outside. So calm and peaceful.
  • After a long stretch and cool down, I take a shower and lay down in my bed and fall asleep for a few hours.
  • I wake up and it is night time so I snack on some fruit and play video games for a long time, longer than I care to admit. I am working on finishing Red Dead Redemption 2. This game is beyond good, the detail, the story. If video games could win Oscar’s this game would win every category like some french art film does every year.
  • Late dinner and then off to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for my job. Who knows how it will go. Let’s get ready I say to myself and I drift off to sleep.

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