self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 1

Friday March 13th 2020: I have decided to start a blog of my daily life during this self quarantine. Here in the city of Los Angeles our mayor has asked us citizens to self quarantine so that this virus does not spread. But I had to go to work. I went to the office and it was pretty dead. My co-workers are awesome, and we were there doing our thing as we are preparing our company (MGM Studios) to start working from home. This is a big thing because a lot of employees do not work from home. The tech stack we used is something that my CISO, myself, and others have been using for over a year now. So we know that it works but deploying it for a majority of the company? Yikes. But we have a plan, and management is rallying us all to work together so that way we can cross the finish line together.

So after a long day at the office I drive home. I live downtown LA so on the freeway on a Friday night is always a long commute. BUT NOT TODAY! No traffic? WTF? Amazing. I was home so fast I didn’t know what to do. So I cleaned up a little, took a nap and then ordered some dinner and watched tv. Before I go to sleep I think about the week to come and I am asking myself if I am ready for this. Can I handle the isolation. Will we come out of this thing on a positive note and actually learn something about ourselves? These thoughts bring my mind to ease as I go to sleep.

One thought on “self quarantine coronavirus journal – day 1

  1. Nice! I love it!

    Chris Gomez
    Assistant Director, IT Operations
    University Advancement
    University of Southern California
    1150 South Olive Street, USC 25th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
    Office: (213) 740-9937
    Fax: (213) 740-3078

    For IT help please email us at or if it’s an emergency please call (213) 740-1919.

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