Marvel Cinematic Universe

A lot of people like to ask me questions about comic book themed movies and such because I grew reading and studying these stories always wishing and dreaming that one day I would be able to see them come to life.  Now that it is the normal for a comic book movie to be a hit, it is nice to know that I wasn’t the only one growing up with this dream that is now a reality.  Given the wide range of comic book stories out there, why is it that the Marvel stories and characters nest a special place in all fans hearts and minds?  Children and adults alike, men, women of any age, seem to not only enjoy these films but as their demand for perfection continually rises, the films keep on delivering excellence while others seem to just progress at such a slow pace it seems they are not progressing at all.  So whats my answer?  Well first off let me say that I am not speaking for all fans or anyone specific, this is just my opinion.  I believe that what Marvel and Disney are doing that nobody else is able to do, is write a “never ending story” format because the people behind the stories and the directing…they are fans too.  So that is probably it.  The fact the people driving the bus are fans, and not just regular fans but fans of comic book hero stories for more than 30 some years.  These story tellers are a lot like the same generation I come from as they are fulling their dreams of great story telling through directing and writing, not so much drawing or acting.

I think my next blog posts will be deep dives into each Marvel MCU character that was featured in Infinity War, with my thoughts on what happened as well.

Thoughts and comments?

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